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Start to earn Bitcoin with cloud mining.

Dolce mining provides uninterrupted service in the cloud mining sector with 6 data center.

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Server status
Europe - Amsterdam
China - Hong Kong
India - Bangalore
USA - San Jose
Japan - Tokyo
Brazil - Sao Paulo

Invest in the future with Dolce.

Instant Connection

You can receive instant information flow from your appliance through our customer representatives.

Instant Conclusion

Your earnings are reflected in your account on a daily basis via instant data from our servers.

Detailed Statistics

You can access detailed statistics of your appliance and you can make comparisons from the user panel.

Power Distribution

Dolce mining distributes fair power to all users for what they pay.

Supported currencies

Bitcoin 43.1 PH/s
Ethereum Classic 20.0 GH/s
Ethereum 120.1 GH/s
Startcoin 28.6 kH/s
Litecoin 2.7 GH/s
Monero 44.6 MH/s
Vertcoin 1.6 MH/s
Infinitecoin 184.1 kH/s
Salus 6.2 MH/s
PrimeCoin 12.1 MH/s
Dash 198.8 kH/s
Shadow 13.5 MH/s

How Much Will I Earn?

Total Payable USD:

0.00 $

Hash Amount:

Estimated 24 hour revenue

Investment Plans


  • Minimal Hashedrate: 57 TH/s
  • Service pay: No
  • Equipment: Multi-Factor
  • Automatic charging in BTC
  • 1 month

for 1 TH/s


  • Minimal Hashedrate: 150 MH/s
  • Service pay: No
  • Equipment: GPU Rigs
  • Automatic charging in Litecoin
  • 1 month

for 1 MH/s


  • Minimal Hashedrate: 50 MH/s
  • Service pay: No
  • Equipment: HashCoins SHA-256
  • Automatic charging in ETH
  • 1 month

for 1 MH/s


  • Minimal Hashedrate: 5 KH/s
  • Service pay: No
  • Equipment: HashCoins SCRYPT
  • Automatic charging in Bitcoin
  • 1 month

for 1 KH/s


Here Dolce Mining Dolce is a technology company based in Holland. Our goal is to establish advanced technology bitcoin mining facilities in countries where energy is cheap and making bitcoin mining on behalf of our investors. Our facilities are insured by an internationally prestigious insurance company, your investments are guaranteed in case of material loss. We are working 24/7 with our team for the future of the crypto money market as well as for the return of investors' investments in our state of the art bitcoin mining facilities.
Thanks Dolce Mining

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